Saturday, September 27, 2014

Nobody Here But Us Chickens...

I figure at this point there is no one left reading this thing. Even I don't read it.

But lately, I've been feeling the need to put thoughts out into the world, and by now this is probably a safe place to put them that few will see.

When I started this thing umpteen-million years ago, my idea was to have someone to tell stuff to. At this moment I find myself with very few close friends and very little else going on. The subtitle of this blog has always been "All the stuff I want to say that no one cares about except me." And that's really the point of using it right now. I have no one to tell the little stuff to. So, here goes:

I got my nails done yesterday. I really like the fall color.

Also, I think my fingers look really weird in this picture. But then, I don't usually take pictures of my hands. So, yeah.

Also, I think beards are ugly. I don't understand the current love of men who don't shave. I'm okay with a goatee or a little 5:00 shadow. But if you look like Grizzly Adams, no thank you.

That is all. Thanks for listening.