Monday, March 30, 2009

Cooking Light Mondays: Cod Poached in Spicy Tomato Broth

That's right, Shrink My Butt Cooking Light Mondays are back! Mostly because I made this one literally months ago and just never got around to posting it. But never mind. Here it is in all its easy-as-pie glory!

Put together all the stuff you need. Here we have garlic, kalamata olives, crushed red pepper, Italian Recipe diced tomatoes (yay, S&W!), olive oil, capers and some white wine hiding in the back. You can't get away from ME, wine! And thanks to The Pioneer Woman for giving me the idea of putting all the ingredients in one photo so I don't have to go on about them individually. Unless I want to.

So let's go! Heat up the oil and throw in some garlic you smooshed up. The recipe calls for bottled minced garlic, but I usually have fresh stuff on hand, and I love using my Pampered Chef garlic smoosher.

After a minute or so, throw in water, some of the wine, some of the crushed red pepper (not all of it. hot is bad) and capers. Drink some of the leftover wine.

Realize you were supposed to put the tomatoes in there, too. Oops. Darn wine. Anyway, put the tomatoes in and bring to a boil.

Reduce the heat and simmer for 2 minutes. Doesn't it look pretty? See all the steam? Ooooo. Tomato stuff.

Throw in your fish fillets cut up into chunks. It just dawned on me that the recipe doesn't say to cut up the fish. I guess that came out of my little brain. Oh well.

Put the lid on the great Calphalon pan your mom gave you. Let fish simmer for 5 minutes. Notice how dirty and beat up the ancient stove in your apartment is. Wish you had a new one. Realize you forgot to chop up the olives.

While fish is cooking, chop up the olives. Try to get a picture that doesn't make them look like raisins on crack. Drink some more wine.

Serve fish with some of the broth and a crusty french roll you heated up in the toaster oven. Sprinkle olives on top. Take pictures. Realize the roll soaked up a LOT of the broth and is now soggy. Swear a little. Eat it anyway. Say "Mmmm, this is good."

And there you have it. The VERY easy poached cod recipe from Cooking Light. Really, if it was any easier, I could have drunk the whole bottle of wine with it. Instead of just half.

Okay, three-quarters.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pathetic Confession #3 and Apology

Okay, so here's the thing. I have an obsessive personality. I find something that interests me, and it's all I can think about or focus on for an indiscriminate period of time. I can spend literally hours thinking about and researching the current infatuation. My brain wants to be completely immersed in it. Then I'm over it and I move on to the next thing that catches my fancy. Since he doesn't read my blog, I blame it on my Dad, who also demonstrates this trait.

Which leads me to the apology part. I am so sorry, internetland, to have neglected you for SO VERY LONG. I have heard your whining cries of neglect and am here to beg for your forgiveness and offer my most heartfelt apology for ditching you these last few months. I hope all five of you will find it in your hearts to give me another chance and not delete me from your Favorites, as has been frequently threatened the last few weeks. I am truly sorry for moving on to my next obsession and not taking you with me.

I have had to make some choices about how I am spending my time. Therefore, I will only be blogging about 3 times a week. More if something exciting comes up. I am truly trying to find more balance in my life, and spending an hour on the blog every night is just not working for me. I hope you will hang in there as I figure out how to share with you and still have time left for me. Thanks so much for your patience!

p.s. It's Spring Break this week. Whoo-hoo! So check in Monday for a new post.