Sunday, November 2, 2014


Every year in November people on Facebook post something they are grateful for each day. And every year it annoys the hell out of me. But at the same time, I always feel like I should do it, too. They say that being grateful helps increase happiness. But I don't want to increase my happiness by annoying all my Facebook friends with my daily posts that no one cares about. So guess what, nonexistent readers? I get to annoy you instead!

Day 1 (yesterday). I am grateful for maple bars (which I had for breakfast) and the extra hour of sleep that the switch from Daylight Savings Time provides.

Day 2 (today). I am grateful for my sister and brother, who each had their birthdays in the last 2 days. I love them both a lot.

And....that was already difficult. I'm going to have to work hard to come up with 28 more things. But I"ll do my best. Now, here's a picture of a puppy. Because...puppies.

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