Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hey! It's blue!

In case you didn't notice, I just changed the colors and layout for the blog. I originally chose black and white because it was very simple and striking. But it's been feeling a little heavy to me lately, and besides, Blogger has all these cool new templates and ways to adjust them, so I decided to go blue.

I am still working on posting some of my trips to very cool restaurants in the Seattle area. It's just taking a while because I have SO many pictures. I don't want to bore you with twelve pictures of the same thing. I hope to have at least one up before Tuesday.

Another relatively new item on the blog is a way to follow me using Facebook. You may have noticed it off to the right. It looks like this:

Can you see all that space? Just waiting for more people to fill it up? It's not hard to join, you just click the "Follow this blog" box while logged in to FB. Not that you have to or anything, but it looks so sad right now with only four people. And one of them is the fake person I created so I can play stupid Facebook games. Yeah. So jump on the bandwagon, won't you? Thanks!


  1. Imagine a little box with Wayne's picture as one of your followers. If he did Facebook, I just know there'd be an actual little box with his picture. In fact, he noticed your new post before I did!

  2. Like the new layout! Going to facebook now to add you!

  3. I like the blue! It makes it seem so cheerful. (and I almost feel like a celebrity being one of the original 4...3 if we are counting real people!

    I'm ready for a blog template change for me, hurts my brain!

  4. ooo I like this blog!! visit my blog.


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