Thursday, December 30, 2010

So I'm Lame. Whatever. And Christmas.

Yeah, yeah. I'm not going to talk about my continual lack of posting. I'm trying to get over it. You should, too. Let's all move on, shall we?

So here's kind of what Christmas looked like this year.

My niece, Kenzie, and nephew, Bryce, ready to open gifts. Happy people.

My mom and her husband. More happy people.

My brother, Tim, and my newest niece, Addison. Happy and cute people.

And then there is my nephew, Max. Max hates getting his picture taken.

A lot.
(Okay, this might be Bryce's foot. Whatever.)

He doesn't care who else is in the picture.
Like my nephew, Carter, and niece, Madison (who loves earmuffs apparently).

Max is five. And this is what five looks like:

I was playing with my camera to see if it could take decent video.

Here is the narration: 

Me: "This is Monica [my sister] putting Max's shoes on. It's a thrill a minute. This is Max, getting his shoes put on. The end."
Max: "HEY!"
Me: "And that's what he looks like most of the time."

Thank goodness for Max. Someone's got to keep things interesting around here! Love ya, buddy.


  1. You posted! You posted! And lucky me, I'm in the photos. Yay for new posts!

  2. Hope it's okay that I shared the video. I just thought it was funny and very Max-like. :-)

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