Sunday, January 4, 2009

Baby Fish, Doot Doot, Doot, Doot

Somehow, a baby fish has appeared in my fish tank. Not that I don't know where baby fish come from. In fact, I'm glad someone is getting some action around here.

I see babies in there every once in a while, but they tend to disappear within a few days. They either get eaten by the bigger fish or by this guy:

But this little one has been around for almost two weeks. I hate to jinx it by naming him (or her) but I think he/she just might make it. So please welcome to the tank: Baby Fishmouth

Please ignore the Scary Algae Problem.

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  1. What if you put Baby Fishmouth in a seperate tank till hes a wee bit bigger? just so ugly hes damn cute :)


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