Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hello? Que Pasa?

It is now Tuesday,  and I have completely missed Cooking Light Monday. It looks like this week, it may end up as Cooking Light Thursday. I am completely drowning at work for the next 8 days. So posts will be few and far between. Sorry! But life happens. Please check back on the weekend when I should have more time to post something thoughtful. Or lame. Either way. :-)


  1. Help! Stuck at home with throwing up child. I need an interesting blog to read! Help me!!!

  2. Christine, thank you so much for the sweet warm comment you left me, it sure brightened up my day. Like you said, although it is still sad, things are much better now compared to last week, so I'm starting to realize time will heal wounds.

    I know you love Obama, so I think I can ask, but aren't you excited for the inauguration? Your countdown calendar is down to a day! I doubt I will be able to get as close to him as I did at the rally, but I will try my hardest to get a picture of President Obama while I am there, maybe at the parade...

  3. I am going to bed, I can't keep my eyes open and I'm not wearing my glasses, so things are blurry. Can't wait to read your blog tomorrow. Let's pray for no kid throw up (or adult either)

  4. Sorry, Monica. Because my pictures are so big, they take FOREVER to load. But I'm trying to get a decent resolution. I'll talk to you later.

    Nichole, I totally forgot you are going to be there. I am SO JEALOUS! I hope you have a fabulous time and enjoy this amazing event! I'll be watching with friends, and celebrating this awesome day. I look forward to reading your blog afterward!


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