Saturday, January 3, 2009


Today in the mail, I got an advertisement for this:

*picture from

The description includes the words:  "Older women who can't relate to most young-and-trendy fashion and lifestyle magazines now have a publication that speaks to their concerns" and "More...will help you make the most of your middle years with style. "

ACK! ACK I say! I am not 40! I am definitely not OVER 40! Although my friend Kathy would point out that I am currently in my 40th year, I would have to say, "Shut up, Kathy!"

I am still in my 30's. For another seven weeks, I am in my 30's. And I choose to ignore all indications to the contrary.

Forty is old. I am not old. I do not feel old, or act old or (so I am told) look old. So I plan to go kicking and screaming into my next decade. Once it arrives, I will be forced to embrace it, as the alternative involves Botox and lots of lying. But until then, stay away from me Meredith Viera! Get lost Diane Keaton! I am not in my "middle years." I am still sixteen. I can still read Marie Claire if I want to!


  1. I totally agree, I'm going to read Glamour until i am 80!!!

    The yule log looks fantastic, I want one for my birthday too!!! (I'm nice, I'm giving you 11 months!)

  2. OK sister, I'm 42 and not old! But I do have a subscription to More. Be quiet.

  3. OH NO! The famous Mrs. G. comes to look at my blog and I offend her! ACK! ACK!

    I take it back. I'm sure MORE is a fabulous publication, I will subscribe immediately!

  4. Im with you chick... fight it all the way!

  5. Who says that once you turn 40 you can't relate to trendy fashions! Geesh! I'm with you! Nancy


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