Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Look! Snow!

The view from my window last December.

I made it snow on my blog! Cool, huh?

Hopefully this time it won't mess up anyone's computer. Last year poor Laurie couldn't access my page because the snow made her computer freeze. I used a different program this year, so hopefully things will be fine for everyone. See how nice I am to you, even though this snow doesn't collect in little piles on the bottom of the browser like before, which was so completely adorable...oh well.

Also, hopefully my computer generated snow will not result in any real live snow. The computer kind is JUST FINE! We had enough snow last year to get us through three or four winters. So no praying for snow days or singing "Let it Snow" from this girl. Instead, how about, "I'm dreaming of a green Christmas...."


  1. I was just thinking about last year's snow,too! When I saw the snow falling on your blog, I thought, "Oh, great. Here we go again!" But, so far so good! Yey!

    btw, I thought I was hearing Christmas music playing from your blog until I realized I was hearing QVC's holiday shopping music from upstairs! ha!

  2. Well, the snow was not affecting my computer until I tried to post a comment and I don't think it was successful. Let's see if this less exciting comment posts more successfully...

  3. As a teacher, I pray for snow. Except on weekends.

  4. I remember the snow last year was a pain, yet I am still praying for a little. Maybe just a nice 2 hour delay, none of this "lets take a week off even though the streets are clear" stuff. I guess Portland wasn't hit nearly as hard as Seattle though, eh?

  5. Laurie, everyone has trouble posting on my darn blog, including me, so no worries.

    Pam, I'm a teacher, too, and last year we had so much snow my car was trapped for a week. I am no longer praying for snow except on weekends!

    Monica, since we have such different weather, you go ahead and get plenty of snow. I'll enjoy it from my TV set.

  6. You had me wondering for a minute how you had that much snow when we have none! I love the Blog Snow though! I did something to mine a couple years ago (who know what!!) and it just starts on it's own on the first of Dec...with no shoveling!


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