Thursday, November 19, 2009

All About Me!

Number one best thing about my's all about me!

I am trying to create a little more positive thinking in my life. So I'm going to list ten things that make me happy or that I am glad to have.

1.  The world's most wonderful sister who is also my best friend.
2.  Haagen Dazs ice cream
3.  My sense of humor
4.  Wonderful friends who visit my blog and leave me comments (hint hint!)
5.  Flannel happy pants
6.  Musicals
7.  Afternoon tea
8.  Hot men
9.  Taste buds
10. Snowbear

Your turn. What makes you happy? Besides reading my blog, of course!


  1. Ooh ohhh I'm number 4! lol

    Pretty much anything makes me happy, I'm simple minded that way. Right now there's a cat sitting on my lap trying her best to get me to pet her by licking my fingers and nudging my hand all around with her head...that makes me happy!

  2. You know, I've just started doing this before I go to bed at night. It makes me feel better if I've had a bad day. Here goes: 1. husband that loves me 2. kids that make me laugh & cry 3. being able to stay at home with said kids 4. best friend sister 5. a group of women who make me laugh, think & cry 6. chocolate ANYTHING! 7. quiet mornings 8. living close to family How's that? : )

  3. 1. My family!!
    2. Sticky hugs and kisses
    3. Whispered I love you's
    4. Wassil (also known as Russian tea)
    5. nice comments on my blog
    6. learning something new and useful
    7. Reading books
    8. being a stay at home mama
    9. Kowloon Cafe take out (chinese food)

    So I am an easy sell life's to short not to be happy in the little things right?

  4. Thanks for playing along, gang. It's nice to see everyone's happy thoughts. Makes me want to create more of them. :-)


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