Monday, November 9, 2009

I. Hate. Mondays.

I don't know what's going on with Mondays this year. I swear I get a migraine every single time. I must be allergic to work. Maybe my doctor will write me a note and I won't have to go anymore.

Anyway, my head is aching and I have to finish preparing the power point presentation for the Veteran's Day assembly I am IN CHARGE OF which for some unknown reason I VOLUNTEERED to be IN CHARGE OF. I think this year might finally teach me to stop saying, "I'll do it!"

I'm hoping to see "Julie and Julia" tomorrow night, so I'll probably have a review for you. But tonight me and my headache are done.

p. s. Hi Nancy! I realized I don't ususally say "hi" to you so here ya go! Hug Diego for me! And James, too, I guess. :-)


  1. I'm guessing you are still going to volunteer for stuff!

    I don't work on Mondays so Tuesday is the day for me to moan and groan. Sigh...

  2. Hi Christine! Thanks for the shout out! Diego and James will be happy for the hello as well. Diego is getting spoiled with little massages I give him. (James is spoiled to, but you knew that already) I hope you find an allergy medicine for your mondays!

    Nancy V

  3. Susan, yes I'll keep volunteering. I just need to quit taking over every thing I help with!

    Nancy, glad to say hello to one of my four loyal readers! Could I get a massage, too? :-)


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