Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jingle Jingle

Not as in bells, as in commercial jingles. I was thinking the other day about how many commercials I remember because they had a catchy tune to go with them. I know way more than I should. Does anyone remember these besides me?

Ice cold milk and an Oreo cookie, they forever go together it's a classic combination. When a dark delicious cookie meets an icy cold sensation like the one and only creamy crunchy chocolate O R E O!

My bologna has a first name, it's O S C A R. My bologna has a second name, it's M A Y E R. Oh, I love to eat it every day, and if you ask me why I'll say, 'cause Oscar Mayer has a way with B O L O G N A! How's that? ( I had to sing the song to myself to spell bologna correctly.) It always bugged me as a kid that the word ends in A but we pronounce it with an E...okay, it still bugs me.

And in honor of my sister: Please don't eat all the morsels. Please don't eat them all. For if you eat all the morsels then your cookies will be bald! I swear she sang that for months on end.

If you are from the Pacific Northwest, you might also know these:

We've got crab legs, Sea Galley. We've got crab legs, Sea Galley. We've got Snow (Snow! Snow!) King (King! King!) Dungeness too!

Or, how about

Take a princess to sea. Have a crumpet and tea. There's fun aboard all the way, sail away for the day, hey hey hey. Let's go to Victoria, with Princess Marguerite!

I could go on forever with this. I'm always been musical, so once I hear these things they are stuck in my head FOREVER. How about you? What "message from our sponsor" do you get stuck in your brain? Or am I the only one singing songs I learned from television in second grade?

Speaking of, please someone tell me they know this last one. I keep asking and no one can remember it. I sure as heck didn't make it up. But I sing it every time we go past the Seneca Street exit in Seattle.

Seneca, the first frozen apple juice enriched with vitamin C. Rich, delicious Seneca, sweetened naturally. Young and old love Seneca, enriched with vitamin C!

Someday I'll figure out how to put sound files on this thing and annoy you with the actual tunes. Hmm, maybe you're lucky I haven't figured it out yet!

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  1. i have the tune to the seneca song. call me, i'll sing it to you!

  2. I remember the Senica one well. I actually had a childhood friend (around the time the jingle was out) named Jessica, and we used to sing it, replacing "Senica" with "Jessica", and changing some of the lyrics around, though I can't remember to what now.

  3. i sing the seneca jingle at least once a week

  4. Thank you! For some reason, I began singing this Seneca jingle in the shower yesterday. I never did know the words to the "young and old love" part, but as a kid I just made up some words and sang it anyway. When I asked people yesterday if they knew the words NOBODY remembered even seeing this commercial. Desperate, I turned to the internet and found you. Would you happen to remember the words to the "lean, light, luscious, limitless, lamb" commercial?

  5. They should really put the Senecas commercial on YouTube. I LOVE this jingle

  6. this jingle pops into my head every so often. i remember it from when i was a kid but i always thought it was Seneca, the *crisp* frozen apple juice.. thanks for posting. please do post the tune if you are inclined. nobody i know ever remembers this kind of stuff so it's just nice to confirm that my acid habit at age 5 did not induce apple juice jingle hallucinations.. cuz that would be somewhat disturbing. ejb

  7. someone should YouTube an electric guitar version... then we can all rock out to it! :D ejb


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