Friday, December 19, 2008

Comfort Foods

It didn't take snow for me to know it was officially winter. I figured it out when I started having a hankering for comfort foods. It all started when I was perusing Confessions of a Pioneer Woman and found a recipe for pinto beans. I wanted them NOW. I've never made beans except from a can or BBQ Baked Beans during the summer. But I wanted those beans. I knew right then I was in trouble. Since I've been (somewhat) snowed in, I made PW"s Beans and Cornbread a few nights ago. Unfortunately, I added too much water. So I took off the lid and let some of the liquid cook off. But then I got distracted, and cooked off too much of it. They were still good, but next time I'll keep a better eye on it. It came out a bit too thick for me. The cornbread is the recipe from the back of the Alber's box. Apparently PW doesn't believe in putting sugar in cornbread. Sacrilege! Although, the whole frying it in a pan part sounded awesome. Look, I even cut up some onions for garnish (and because it sounded good.) Go me!

The best part is that I had half a package of bacon left over. So for breakfast I had eggs over easy, toast, oranges and BACON! No pictures, too hungry. Plus cold eggs are gross.

Then I got a craving for Mac & Cheese with hot dogs. Not even homemade mac and cheese, but the stuff from the box. And the cheap quality hot dogs I got for free (after a school fund raiser) which I had in the freezer. This stuff got me through college, in addition to 10 cent top ramen and "tube biscuits" that cost four for a dollar.

Check out that florescent orange color. How scary is it that I ate this? Do you think my insides are now this color? The really scary part is that I ate the leftovers for breakfast. ACK!

Today at lunch it was time for toasted cheese and tomato soup. Yum!

Yep, those are apples in the sandwich. I started adding Granny Smith slices a few years ago and it is so good! I've also used pears on occasion. But I like the apples best because they aren't too sweet and really compliment the cheese flavor. They also get slightly warm but don't actually cook down. My cheese probably looks a little funky. I tend to buy the cheese made with 2% milk. I don't notice a flavor difference, but sometimes the texture is a little iffy. I've gotten used to buying it so it's what's in my house.

Ah, comfort food. Now you'll be with me until the end of time...or at least until I get to the gym to exercise you off my hips.


  1. Well, I'm certainly ready for the rain to come back. (at least no wind storm) The comfort food looks very comforting!!

  2. It has been very comforting. It also gives me something to do since I'm stuck in the house.


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