Saturday, December 6, 2008

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

My mom has season tickets to the 5th Avenue Theater, and I am lucky enough to be the one she takes to the shows. My mom rocks! We've seen some fabulous shows and also some clunkers. Last night we went to their production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers .

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It was AH. MAZE. ING. Easily one of my top three shows to date. And I've seen A LOT of musical theater. (I'm a music teacher, what can I say?) What sold it for me were the outstanding vocals, especially the lead male (in the pic above.) He had this gorgeous bass voice that filled the whole theater. I could listen to it all day. The other factor was the non-stop energy and athletic dancing. I was so scared for the Challenge Dance scene. I was sure someone was going to die or go cartwheeling right off the stage! They threw people, flipped and threw women upside down and backwards, and did tumbling passes like they were at the Olympics. At one point there was fake snow on stage and I was sure someone was going to slip and kill themselves. It was so exciting! By the way, no casualties last night.

This doesn't even begin to do the dancing justice. Just a quick example. Oh, and they do take off their shirts like this. Often.

The 5th offers this great deal where you can take your ticket stubs and come again to the show and get seats for only $20. I made my mom give me her stub the minute we stopped applauding. I'm going to drag someone take a friend with me and see it again. I can't wait to go back! If you're in the area, I highly recommend this production. Go see it!

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  1. Should I be worried that my husband, Wayne, told me he'd volunteer to be the friend you took to the next performance after he read this blog?

    Should I be worried that I noticed that "lonely" was misspelled on the video that you posted on the blog?

  2. Yes, you should be a little worried that
    1) your husband wants to watch shirtless men dancing
    2) he wants to go on a date with me to see shirtless men dancing

    Yes, I noticed the typo as well. I figured the person who wrote it was using "guess and go" spelling.


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