Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Induced Cooking

It's amazing what you can find in your kitchen/freezer when it's too snowy to go to the store. I swear, it WILL NOT STOP SNOWING! For anyone not from this area, this is not normal for us. I enjoy snow because usually it shows up, melts in a day or two, then bye-bye. I am ready for it to stop now! It has been going almost non-stop for 3 days straight. Yesterday I ventured out to my local neighborhood to do some Christmas shopping since it's only about 5 blocks away. I took my car because I'm worried about it sitting out in this cold weather not being run. (Plus I'm a lazy ass.) My car was covered when I left a few hours later.

Since it's too crazy to hit the store I thought about what food might be left in my house. I remembered there was some Bolognese sauce in my freezer from a big batch I made a few months ago. I poked around my pantry and found a half box of mostaccioli (that means "big pasta tubes" in English!) As it was boiling, I checked the box for how long to let it go and noticed a recipe for "Tuscan Pasta Bake" on the back. It was basically a meat sauce mixed with the pasta and cheese, then baked. I found some shredded mozzarella in my fridge (no blue mold or'd that happen?) and decided to go for it. I'm horrible at making up food, so this was a big leap for me. I heated up the sauce I already had and left out the Parmesan since I didn't have any (how'd that happen?) then baked the pasta and sauce for about 10 minutes uncovered because I ran out of foil (how'd that happen?) I threw the cheese on top and stuck it back in for 10 minutes more. While poking around in the freezer, I found a couple of flatbread things I'd bought a while back to try. I think they're made by the Boboli people. So I threw those in to bake at the same time. Here's how it all turned out.

It was so good! (How'd that happen?)

I used an 11 x 7 pan, but it's still a lot just for me. Guess I know what I'm eating for the rest of the week!


  1. It looks so yummy!! I enjoy snow for the same reasons you do, but it is definitely overstaying its welcome. We are up to about 8 inches now after heavy snowing this afternoon. I'm very SICK of it!! Margaret P.S. I sure don't know how I commented on here before because I sure can't do it now. It keeps telling me Your OpenID credentials could not be verified. If this posts, it'll be a miracle.

  2. Yum! I'm similarly freezer-searching here in hunker-down land. And I always want comfort food during weather like this.

  3. looks good!

    I've been baking like crazy. Which isn't a good thing because we have no way to get out and give the goodies away!

  4. I totally agree with you on the snow! It just won't stop! We got more last night and are supposed to get 1-2 more inches today.

    Your dinner looks good!!!

  5. I think we're all in the same boat. Snow, get lost. You're done.

    At least I have lots of time to make my Christmas candy (and try not to eat it.)

  6. Mmmm looks pretty good to me...


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