Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Rosewood Cafe

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I told you I go other places to eat besides Tea Rooms. Very close to my house is a great restaurant called The Rosewood Cafe. The owner is super nice and it's an adorable little spot. It was originally built as a grocery store back in the day, but now they serve fabulous homemade soups, salads and sandwiches. All of the sandwiches are great and I love the Peasant Plate which is basically a small loaf of bread with lots of different cheeses and fruit. I always try to get their soup because it is the only place I've found that makes actual homemade soup. I love driving by and checking out their soup du jour on the outside chalkboard. In the summer, they open up the large green doors on the far right and have tables outside, too. I think I've drug all my friends here, and my sister Monica and I once ate all of our meals there for an entire weekend.

Have a mentioned that I live REALLY close to the Rosewood? Like I-can-see-it-from-my-house close? I won't say too much more, in case there's a stalker running loose trying to find out where I live. Unless you are a cute stalker. In which case, send me a picture and we'll talk.

The soup today was Chicken and Artichoke, so I got a cup with my Rosewood Deluxe, which is turkey with bacon, havarti and tomato, lettuce and onion all toasted and melty...I think they use a panini press. (Did you know that "panini" is Italian for "sandwiches"?) They were both awesome. Can you see the steam rising off the soup? Mmmmmmm...

I even had an ingredient discussion with the chef/owner. He told me he had added some lemon juice to the soup because the flavor was somewhat "one dimensional." I said that it went well with the artichokes. I felt so Top Chef!

When I was ordering, I noticed they had Apple Cake as their dessert special. So I ordered it with my meal. Good thing, because I got the last piece. Also, I was pretty full after half my sandwich so I never would have ordered it if I'd waited. So it was good for my taste buds, but bad for my waist line. Or waist bulge. Whatever.

The cake was somewhat dense with nuts and raisins. The best part was the very light cream cheese filling. It was fluffy and not overly sweet. The whipped cream tasted homemade, or a least very fresh. No Reddi-Whip happening at the Rosewood.

Overall, a great lunch and a fun time watching people walking and sledding and jogging (???) past the windows. If this snow keeps up, I might be back again tomorrow.


  1. I am so jealous of that sandwich and soup. I am an absolute fan of artichokes, and that picture made me want to google a recipe for artichoke soup.

  2. Mmmm, artichoke soup! If you find a good recipe, please post it!


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