Monday, December 8, 2008

Pig Candy

After our wonderful tea on Saturday, I had an event with one of my choirs. Afterward, I had just enough time to run back home and collect the stuff I needed for our monthly Supper Club. Our theme this month was "Breakfast for Dinner." This was a theme repeat as it's proven very popular. It seems the guys always show up for this one. Since I knew my prep time was limited on Saturday, I decided to try a recipe I'd heard about but haven't made before. The nice name is Brown Sugar Bacon. But apparently it's commonly called "Pig Candy."

*picture from kind of a name is that?

This is probably the easiest recipe I've ever used. Check it out.

Bacon (several strips)
Brown Sugar (enough to coat strips of bacon)

1. Coat uncooked bacon in some dark brown sugar.
2. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

You wouldn't think something this easy would be such a big deal. But I heard a lot of "What did you do to this?" and "How did you make this?" The only things I did differently from this recipe was to put down parchment paper and spray it so the sugar wouldn't stick too much to the pans I borrowed (Thanks, Jill!) and I also left it in longer to make it a little crisper. Oh, and I only put sugar on one side because I was worried about stickage. People went nuts for it and the house smelled fabulous.

Some of the other dishes we enjoyed included French Toast, Scrambled Eggs, Blueberry Scones w/Orange Glaze, Mimosas (whoo-hoo!) and Cranberry-Pecan muffins. We also had a great egg casserole that Jill made up...I am in awe of people who can cook without a recipe. Everything was super yummy. In fact, they were so yummy, and I was so hungry, that I didn't stop to take pictures. I just inhaled.

After stuffing our faces, we decided to play a game that Cheryl and Frank brought, called Mexican Train. It's a domino game and one of my favorites. Here's some of the players and a shot of a finished round.

From left to right: Maura, half of Dan, Frank, Jennifer & Nancy

The idea is to make a train and use up all your dominoes. See the very shortest train? The one that is made up of just one domino? That would be mine. Yeah.

So I kind of suck at this game but it sure was fun. I've played before but never with this many people. It was amazing how long it took to get through just one round. We only got through five (you're supposed to do 13) but we wanted to get home before 5:00 a.m. Call us crazy...

Overall, a yummy and fun evening. I'm looking forward to getting together again in January. We decided to do Dim Sum (Hooray!) so I'll have a restaurant review for you after that one.

Another weekend event involving cookies coming up tomorrow. Don't miss it!

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