Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday Nights

ANTM is all done. I'll have to wait until next season for my Wednesday night clueless-18-year-olds fix. Oh, woe is me! What is there to do on Wednesday nights now? Fear not! Bravo has me covered. It's Top Chef time! I don't watch very many reality shows. The ones I like involve people with some kind of talent using it in competition. (Or in the case of models, the ability to look FIERCE on command.) So that means American Idol, ANTM, and Project Runway and Top Chef from Bravo.

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Top Chef is a given because, Hello! it's all about food. There have been four or five episodes now, and I have yet to pick a favorite contestant. Usually I'm rooting for someone by now. I may have to wait until we get less cast members so I can narrow down my choices.

The thing that most annoys me on these shows is the Mean Contestant. Except for American Idol (where I believe they coach them not to do it) there is always at least one contestant whose attitude is "I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to COOK". or SEW. or MODEL. or WIN. Why do some people think it is necessary to be an asshole in order to be competitive? I consider myself pretty competitive and a poor sport. When I lose a game, I pout and whine and say, "Poor me. I never win anything!" Can you tell that my family just LOVES to play games with me? But among all my poor sportedness, I would never be purposefully rude or cruel or downright mean to the other players. It just completely confounds me. So even though I don't have a favorite I am currently hoping Stefan will get kicked off as soon as possible. Just as in previous seasons, when I hoped Hong and Marcel and Tiffani would all go home, though most of them just kept on hanging in there.

I think this carries over into my real life as well. I may dislike you intensely, but I will still be kind and helpful to you because I have long as you're in the room. Now I just have to work on not talking about how much I dislike someone to all of the people I do like! OOPS!

Have I mentioned my road to Hell? It is paved with gold and diamonds and about a million bricks which are all my good intentions. Someday I will post about my many many good plans and thoughts that never actually happen. 

OH MY GOSH. I can't believe that my last sentence was another good intention! ARGHHHH! (said the pirate)

*I have NO IDEA where this photo came from. I might have stolen it from someone else's blog. If so, sorry!

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