Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'm A What?

I don't usually post about work, but I had an interesting conversation with my boss the other day. We get along really well, and I consider him a friend. We were discussing a student, and somehow we got into what kind of animal he would be. Then my boss said, "You would be a badger." I said, "WHAT? Why would I be a badger?' He said, "Well, they're usually all cute and sweet, but if you cross them, look out!" I said nothing. I was in shock. I changed the subject.

This really bothered me. I am not a badger! Maybe I'm a cute, sweet little bunny rabbit. Or a dog, because I'm loyal. Anyway, I tried to forget about it. Then this week, I took over 100 kids on a field trip. This is not a small endeavor and involves a lot of organization and energy. We were running late and needed to leave. One of our parent chaperones was not where she was supposed to be. I finally saw her in the parking lot as we were loading the busses. I yelled, "Mrs. R., get on the bus!!" I yelled. Literally shouted at her.

I am a badger. Sigh.

I later apologized to her and she was very forgiving. But I still feel bad. I guess this is something I need to work on...managing my stress so I don't take it out on other people. Time to start that New Year's Resolution list.

Here are some of those cute, sweet badgers to entertain you.

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  1. Ive never seen a real life badger, but they seem pretty cute...and we all need to be firey on occasions... be gentle with yourself...she forgave you... :)


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