Saturday, November 1, 2008


Someday I will force...uh, I mean FIND...someone to marry me. Then I will get one of these:
I first discovered tension set rings in the early 90's. I actually have a newspaper clipping of one in my wedding file. Yes, I have a wedding file. And yes, I know I am completely lame. But if I ever land a man, I want to be prepared. Plus, it's fun to drool.

Anyway, I like them because you can see so much of the stone and they can look traditional but still be very unique. I also need not to have prongs on my ring because I am so hard on my jewelry. I'm always bashing it (and myself) into something or other. During the short time that I did have an engagement ring I basically destroyed an afghan my aunt made for me because every time I made the bed I would snag it and almost rip the ring off my finger.

I'm thinking I may end up buying one for myself at some point. But I'll give it a few more years first.

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