Monday, November 24, 2008

More puppies

I must be feeling lonely. I'm doing another post about pets. But I found this breed I'd never heard of before. Apparently someone mixed a Jack Russell terrier and a beagle. They're called Jackabees. I want one just so I can say, "I have a Jackabee." And then people could say, "You have a what-abee?" Ha ha ha ha ha! Wouldn't that be funny?

Okay, I admit I'm easily amused. But look, they're so cute!

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*I decided I should start crediting my pictures so the Copyright Police don't come for me. I started having nightmares.

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  1. Jackabee!? They are so cute, you should recommend this breed for the Obamas! Because beagles and jacks are hyper dogs, that breed probably has so much energy... Have you seen a puggle? It's a pug and a beagle mix, they are cute dogs too.


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