Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I love old houses. I have distinct memories from childhood of walking around my grandmother's neighborhood in Magnolia (near downtown Seattle) and looking at all the architecture. It wasn't a very well-to-do area, but I was so enamored with the look of the houses which were so different from where I grew 60's and 70's suburbia land.

I know that's one of the things that draws me to North Tacoma. I love the architecture and the style of the houses. I had never seen a Craftsman Bungalow before coming here. This picture is of my dream house:

I love the color, the white picket fence and the full porch with the half railing. I love that it's a one and a half story not a two story. I love the color, I love the manicured yard. I love that the tree by the rail is a lilac, my favorite scent. I love the symmetry of the roof line and the windows. And it has a red door. A GORGEOUS red door with a beautiful arc window.

And if you can see from my fuzzy picture, the main window has leaded windows. I love leaded windows. Shocker, huh? "Is there anything she doesn't love?" you say snarkily. (Yes, I know snarkily isn't a word. It should be.) 

What I don't love is the inside. This house was on the market a year or so ago and I did a walk through. I wish the owners had spent a little more time updating the inside, although I do appreciate the exterior as I go by. Not that I could afford it, updated or otherwise. But I can always dream!


  1. I could totally see you living there! And it is SO much cuter than where I'll be living!

  2. Yes, you definitely win the scary wallpaper contest!


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