Sunday, November 23, 2008


I've put my niece Madison on the computer a couple of times now. It's only fair to do equal time for my other niece, Kenzie, and my nephew, Max. So here they are!

Max is your typical 3 year old boy. He loves to play, jump, run, yell and fall down. He doesn't seem to have any nerve endings yet and rarely cries when he hits his head or falls off the couch. He is getting really fun to play with. We had a moose fight today where we each put a moose slipper on our hands and the meeses were trying to eat our tummies.

Kenzie is 6 and a super sweetie. She takes after daddy in build and temperament. She's pretty quiet and gets along well with everyone. She is also quite an artist. I have to share a picture she made for me.

This is all the kids, plus me, having a picnic. There is also a lot of wildlife and someone feeding ducks (though they must be a contortionist!) It's kind of hard to see, sorry!

This is my favorite part. Since it's close to Thanksgiving, she drew some Pilgrim birds...

...and some Native American birds. So funny!

Love ya sweetie-pies!

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