Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sad Face, Smiley Face

This is my whining post for the day. But don't worry, it'll be followed by joyness. (And don't tell me joyness isn't a word. If you watched my Charlie the Unicorn video, you would know better.) Today I had to buy a new towel. Normally no big deal. When one of my towels starts to give up the ghost, I pick up a new one at Target. Now, granted, I haven't shopped for a new towel at Target for about six years or so. My towels have held up pretty well. But imagine my shock and dismay when I went to Target this morning and realized they no longer carry the towels I use! Not even the brand name is still there! Say it isn't so, Joe! Those of you who know me personally will not be surprised at my reaction to this. I hate change. When I find something that I like or that works well for me, I stick with it. I've been known to buy the exact same shirt in 4 different colors. What can I say, I like security. Anyway, after wandering around, hoping my towels would magically appear somewhere, I gave in and decided to get a different one. I could have tried to match the cream colored towels I already have,  but I know it would bug me to always see the one that was close, but not quite right. Can you see how anal I am? So I went for this towel. Again, those of you who know me will be really surprised that the towel I bought is green. I hate green in clothes or fabric. I just do. So why did I pick this? I'm not sure, really. The other colors didn't seem like they'd make sense in the aqua/cream/pink/40's style bathroom in my apartment. Plus, I was already destined to hate this towel because it's not the one I wanted. So I might as well really hate it and go for green.

And now for the good news. Eggnog is in the grocery stores! I'm sure you all know this, and it was probably there well before Halloween, but I don't care! I love eggnog! I love that eggnog signifies the official beginning of the winter holidays. I love the smell and the color and everything about it. Can you tell I took a sip before I took the picture? Wow, two days in a row of no self-control around food (that I've admitted to.) My only little teency bit of sadness is that I bought the Light version (which never tastes quite right) because I'm trying to be a healthy girl. I even went to the gym twice last week. I'm ignoring the fact that I was supposed to go four times, but 50% is better than 0%, right? Oh, well. I guess I'll go console myself with some more eggnog!

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