Sunday, November 23, 2008

Monica's Tea Party

The reason I went down to visit my sister and her family this weekend was because she was hosting a tea party. And I never turn down the opportunity to drink tea, eat yummy food and chat with great people.

Here's my new teacup getting broken in. I mostly drank the vanilla (big surprise!) but also had a cup of Earl Grey. Notice how much half and half I put in? Plus there are three sugars in there. I would have done four, but I was in mixed company. Yummmm!

Here is the menu, all pink and pretty. She worked really hard to get it just right. Check out the tiny tea spoon. (It has a teeny tiny little teapot on the end of it!)

We began with the savory course. She made three types of tea sandwiches. There was smoked turkey with cranberry-dijon sauce, ham on pumpernickel with chutney and Monica's and my favorite, apple and boursin cheese on walnut raisin bread. It made my mouth say "yahoo!" Figuratively. Not literally. It's rude to yell "yahoo" at a tea party.

We also had feta, mizithra and parmesan cheese bites. These were strongly flavored, but really good! I got to put the green onion slices on top. Don't they look nice?

We moved on to the bread course and had scones with Devonshire cream, lemon curd and raspberry jam. The scones turned out great. I like to put on the lemon curd with some cream. It tastes like a mini lemon meringue pie. Mmmmmmmm...

We finished up with the dessert course. She made Pecan Tassies (one of my faves!)....

...and also a wonderful chocolate croissant bread pudding, which I forgot to take a photo of. (I was too full by that point.)

All of the food was wonderful, and so was the conversation. My sister's friends are all very kind and fun to talk to. Just remember, what happens at the tea party stays at the tea party. Keep it in the vault! I can't wait until Monica hosts another party. Hopefully I'll still get invited, despite my ongoing sugar addiction.


  1. It's soooo pretty and fancy. (almost as fancy as those Pilgrim Birds!)

  2. Glad you could come to the party. I'll show Kenzie and Max the pictures of them when she gets home from school. They will be thrilled!

  3. A weekend of Bare Minerals makeup AND a tea party?! Sounds like a great excuse to get out of town! Or to stay in town since you now have both a BE boutique and a tea room so close! :-)

  4. And even better, when I go to your tea room I don't have to help make anything or wash dishes afterwards. Bonus!


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