Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Check out my new tea cup! Since today was Veteran's Day, we had no school. Hallelujah! Thanks, Veterans. You gave me my first day off in 50 days. "But wait," you say, "what about all those days my kids were home from school? You had those days off." But wait, I say, we may not have had kids but we still had to work. And usually the days without kids are a lot of tedious, boring meetings that have very little to do with my teaching area. Whine, whine, whine. So yes, this was my first day off in 50 days, not including weekends, of course. So I slept in (kind of) and then took myself to tea. I went to The Hawthorn because they are close by and they had egg salad as their special sandwich, one of my faves! I had two pots of vanilla tea (they are 2-cup pots) and also had their spinach strawberry salad with almonds and poppy seed dressing. (And a scone and a cookie for dessert...don't tell anyone.) So yum! "What, no pictures?" you ask. It's a pretty tiny place and I think they would have noticed/thought it was rather bizarre if I started taking pictures of my plate. It would have involved a long explanation about how I now constantly carry my camera around to get photos for my blog. Sigh. I am officially a Nerd Extraordinaire. ANYWAY...gosh I do go on. Before I left the restaurant I took a look at the new tea cups that had come in and fell in love with this one. They are Royal Patrician (if you care about that kind of stuff) and so colorful. I like that it has such vibrant colors. The cup on the outside is rather tame, but inside are four more flower decorations.

And check out the detail on the plate. It's not just painted on the outside rim, but across the whole plate. And the spring flowers are beautifully done. I can even name most of them. But the iris is my favorite flower, so that pretty much sold it for me right there. So now I officially have two pretty tea cups instead of just one. So let me know when you want to come over and have tea. I'll arm wrestle you for first pick of the cups!


  1. Those are lovely! I so love tea! It's my British roots coming through. Seriously.

    Changing the subject, what do you think of ANTM? Who do you want to win? I'm really hoping for Analeigh! Despite being a spaz, I rather liked Marjorie, but her pictures were not that strong recently!

  2. Hi Michelle
    I'm glad you were able to comment. Monica and I think McKey will win. I also think Analeigh has a shot at it. They are both good. Sam will definitely be the first one out of the top three.

    My theory is that McKey takes it because they only portrayed one annoying thing about her way back at the very start of the season, and have pretty much left her alone since then. They did the same thing with Jaslene a few seasons back. But I like Analeigh and hope she gets it. If not she should take up acting. She's got skills.

  3. Christine! It's your Tea Friend Laurie here from the Hawthorn Tea Room! I've been thoroughly entertained reading your blog today. My favorite parts are when you mention the Hawthorn Tea Room, of course! ;-)

    Feel free to take pics of your food next time you come in. I'll even take a picture of you posing with it, if you'd like! I always take pictures of my food while in other tea rooms--I call it "research." :-)

    We'll hopefully see you on your next day off. Not Thanksgiving weekend, though, since we'll be closed.

  4. Hey Laurie! Good to hear from you! I'm glad you enjoyed reading my blog. How did you find it?

    I'm bummed you all are closed over Thanksgiving. But I'll see you on December 6th for the Holiday High Tea. I'm bringing my most English friend. Her parents both have cute accents! See you soon!

  5. My husband finally returned home this week after a month of working in England. Even though he was there that long, he did not develop any cute British accent (still has the cute "Buffalonian" one he was born with, though!).

    I'll tell you how I found your blog when I see you. Too lengthy to post here. I have your blog bookmarked ... maybe I should become one of your followers? :-) I love your humorous writing!

  6. I'm sorry your husband didn't pick up a cute way to say GAR-age or pepper every sentence with "brilliant."

    I'm glad you found me. I would be honored to have you follow my blog! Enjoy your Thanksgiving Break!


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